One card. One membership.
Tek kart. Tek üyelik ücreti.
Easy access to the best facilities for sports and recreation in Turkey.

How it works

Talk to your company's/organization's Manager or HR Department to apply FitPass Card.

Go to any of over 200 sports facilities on our platform, any day, any time

Present your FitPass membership card at the gym and enjoy your workout

Wouldn't it be great if you could visit any sports facility whenever you want, and pay only one membership.

FitPass gives you access to over 200 sports facilities in Istanbul, at the price of only one membership fee. With FitPass card you gain access to various sports centers, gyms, pools, yoga and fitness centers, dance studios and many other facilities.

What customers say about us

Özge Yıldırım

Web Editor

Not only is the price very reasonable, but I started to train a lot more because I have the ability to change not only the location but also the type of sport training with FitPass card

Salih Öğütler


Fit Pass is the perfect solution for all of us who work on the go and do not have the opportunity to go to the same fitness center during the week. Fit Pass offers us a solution and the ability to train wherever we are.

Altan Tunabey


Great time saver! I no longer miss training and also have a greater choice of where to go to trainings and try some new things.